Some electrical contractors simply install basic wiring and lighting for warehouse and industrial environments. We offer a full range range of complete services including  maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of electrical systems.

Whether you need industrial electric contractors to repair your complex network of high-end components or you have an undocumented system with open switches and fuses nearly a century old, our electrical service can repair, maintain, and improve your system, keeping it operational.

Industrial Electrical Services That Provide Results

Our industrial contractors create line drawings if they have not yet been made, and we find solutions that maintain current systems through our industrial electrical service. If your equipment becomes obsolete due to safety, function, or economics, our industrial electrical contractors have the knowledge and resources to upgrade switchgear, panelboards, motor control centers, drive systems, and programmable controllers. This type of update often includes changing out defective, old or inoperative components during active production, reducing the lost production time of a construction outage.

Dependable Industrial Electrical Contractor Services

Our industrial electrical services include:

  • Power and lighting utility services (200-4000A)
    • 480 volt, 3 phase, distribution systems
    • 208 volt, 3 phase, distribution systems
    • 240 volt, 3 phase and single phase distribution systems
  • 3 phase and single phase power transformers (12kV-120V)
  • Control wiring.
  • Lighting control and power wiring
  • Hazardous classified location electrical systems
    • Class 1, Division I and II
    • Class 2, Division I and II
  • Intrinsically safe wiring systems
  • Conduit work to 4″
    • PVC, EMT, IMC, RMC